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  • for obtaining technical conditions and information on the fee for the capital construction object connection to the engineering support network (14 working days) *
  • for obtaining permission to connect the specified object to the networks of engineering and technical support - by proxy (14 calendar days) for filing an application for the conclusion of resource-supply contracts (5 working days) **
  • for participation in an auction for the right to conclude a lease contract for a land plot that is in state or municipal ownership (10 working days)
  • for setting land for state cadastral registration (18 working days)
  • for the conclusion of contracts of sale or lease of a land plot - by proxy (10 working days)
  • for the registration of rights (ownership, leases) for land in the Office of the Rosreestr in the Kaliningrad region (10 working days)
  • for preparation a decision on the formation of a land plot (5 working days)
  • participation in the preparation and coordination of the location scheme of the land plot on the cadastral plan of the territory (5 working days) * ***
  • management of construction processes: a) in the case of self-regulated organization- participation in the preparation of a contract for the performance of technical supervision functions (5 working days) b) in the case of contract conclusion - participation in the preparation of a contract for technical supervision of the construction of facilities (for the period of construction and commissioning of the capital construction)
  • preparation of a draft agreement with a resident of an industrial park a) a lease contract for real estate and sites in them and an agreement on the conduct of activities on the territory of an industrial park - if there is a ready premises in the park (15 working days) b) contract for the provision of services to the management company (15 working days) *

* Provided that the initiator of the project provides the necessary information
** In the presence of a full package of documents
*** If the formation of a land plot is carried out within the framework of the 44-FZ, the terms are stipulated by the terms of the contract (at least 30 working days)
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