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Governor Anton Andreyevich Alikhanov visited the Khrabrovo industrial park in the Kaliningrad region

On November 16, as part of his visit to the Khrabrovo industrial park, the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Andreevich Alikhanov visited the plant under construction of OTCPharm Pro JSC and the first launched enterprise of Phoenix Ingredients LLC.
The OTCPharm Pro project will ensure the uninterrupted production of a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products (finished medicines) to meet the needs of all population groups in the region for medicines at affordable prices, and reduce Russia's dependence on imported medicines.

The availability of resources for R&D will make it possible to organize the transfer of new production technologies and organize cooperation in the field of research and innovative developments.
The products intended for release are drugs of the following pharmacotherapeutic groups: antiviral agents, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, combined analgesics, antifungals and anxiolytics.
Number of jobs created: 300.

Phoenix Ingredients LLC is implementing an investment project for the production of complex food additives for the meat processing industry - this is the first resident, which start production on the territory of Khrabrovo industrial park.
The Phoenix Ingredients plant is owned by the Swiss company Phoenix Ingredients SA. The total area of the plant is more than 3000 sq.m, the planned production capacity is 5500 tons per year, the range of products is more than 300 items.
New types of products are developed jointly by Swiss and Russian specialists in accordance with international standards. High-tech equipment allows us to produce a product of consistently high quality, produced by our own laboratory in compliance with technological processes and product quality indicators.
To date, as a result of the implementation of the investment project, 46 jobs have been created at the enterprise. When the enterprise reaches full production capacity, the number of jobs will increase to 96.
As part of the visit, the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region delivered a welcoming speech at the grand opening of Phoenix Ingredients production and took an active part in the round table on the topic “New opportunities for cooperation and cooperation between food producers in the Kaliningrad Region”.

reference Information

In 2019, Khrabrovo Industrial Park was among the recipients of funds from the federal budget for the implementation of a project for the development of engineering infrastructure as part of the implementation of the national project "Small and medium-sized businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives" (the federal project "Acceleration of small and medium-sized businesses" ). The budget of the Kaliningrad region was provided with federal budget funds in the amount of 231.0 million rubles, co-financing from the regional budget amounted to 7.0 million rubles.

This subsidy was used to build:
· Stage I of the transport system of the park, consisting of: roads, 2.18 km long;
· Stage I of the power supply system consisting of: five distribution points, four transformer substations and a 15kV cable power supply line.
In 2020, Khrabrovo industrial park was included in the register of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, having been tested for compliance with the requirements for industrial parks established by the Government of the Russian Federation.
The declared volume of extra-budgetary investments in fixed capital of SMEs with agreements concluded with the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation amounted to 9.854 billion rubles, of which 961.985 million rubles have been invested at the moment for the period from 2019 to 2021.

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