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Japanese company invests $ 250 million in creating a modern medical center in Kaliningrad


The memorandum of cooperation on the implementation of this project was signed yesterday by the governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov, the general director of the Japanese company Craig Trust Japan Kido Akira, and the president of the AVTOTOR Holding Invest Company Valery Serov.


A new facility with a total area of ​​78 thousand square meters is planned to be built in the regional center. Its feature will be the use of modern Japanese methods of medical diagnostics. The cost of the project, including equipment, is estimated at $ 250 million. Craig Trust Japan has attracted full investment. The authorities of the region with “Avtotor Holding” provide engineering and transport infrastructure.


“We hope that this project will be able to seriously enhance the capabilities of Kaliningrad medicine, will become an example of breakthrough innovative approaches in the diagnosis and treatment available to citizens”, Anton Alikhanov said.


According to the governor, the regional government is also interested in the possibilities of conducting research activities at the center with the participation of Kaliningrad scientists and entrepreneurs. The Japanese side plans to organize the development and production of medical equipment, nursing care equipment and pharmaceuticals in the Kaliningrad region.


The “Avtotor Holding” company recalled that the future medical center is a part of the large investment project “Kaliningrad - Z”, providing for the creation of a smart city digitized territory in the region. “The medical center is the anchor object of the first stage of the “Kaliningrad - Z” territory development, Valery Serov said. “Its example will show the capabilities of digital technologies, how they improve the quality of life and at the same time give a tangible economic effect”.


“The first Craig Trust Japan project in Kaliningrad can attract the attention of other Japanese investors to the region”, Kido Akira said. “Now we conduct detailed consultations on the project with interested parties and invite the Kaliningrad delegation to a meeting with the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations - Keidanren in July of this year”.




The Craig Trust Company organizes the design of medical institutions in Japan. Currently, the project to open one of the largest medical centers in Hokkaido - a multi-profile private hospital is under preparation. In addition, a project of the opening of the new anti-aging medical center, with the participation of one of Russia's leading aesthetic medicine clinics is being prepared.

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