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The annual report of the CAP management company was presented at the meeting of the Working Group under the Investment Council of the Kaliningrad Region


On Tuesday, May 11, a meeting of the working group on creation of conditions for the effective functioning of the special administrative region under the Investment Council of the Kaliningrad region was held, which was dedicated to the report of the management company in the special administrative region on the territory of Oktyabrsky Island (Kaliningrad region) for 2020.

Recall that in accordance with the legislation in the field of the functioning of special administrative regions, the main activities of the management company are:

- general organizational leadership and coordination of activities in the SAR;

- participation in the process of state registration of international companies and international funds;

- granting and revoking the status of a member of the SAR;

- conclusion of agreements with the participants of the SAR on the implementation of activities;

- maintaining the register of the SAR participants and providing the government authorities with documents confirming the status of the SAR participants;

- provision of the SAR participants with the services necessary to carry out the relevant activities.

For the period of 2020, 16 new participants (15 international companies and 1 international fund) have appeared in the special administrative region on the territory of Oktyabrsky Island (Kaliningrad Region). During the reporting period, the SAR participants made investments in the Russian economy for a total amount of more than 50.2 billion rubles, as well as commitments to invest in the amount of more than 200 million rubles. As for the receipts of taxes and fees from the SAR participants, in 2020 more than 298 million rubles were received in the federal budget, more than 246 million rubles in the consolidated budget of the region, and insurance premiums amounted to more than 155 million rubles.

To date, the SAR members have created more than 70 new jobs, including managers and top-level specialists; permanent offices of international companies have been equipped on the territory of the business infrastructure of Oktyabrsky Island.

The management company provides an accessible exchange of information with applicants, provides comprehensive advice to representatives of foreign companies, provides the possibility of legal support for individual stages of re-domiciliation. Applicants have access to all the necessary information about special administrative regions, there is a well-established procedure for the actions of the companies being re-domiciled, the formation of a sufficient regulatory framework has been completed.

Taking into account the existing law enforcement practice, as well as in order to improve the efficiency of the SAR, the management company continuously analyzes the current legislation in this area, forms and sends motivated proposals to improve the legal and regulatory framework governing the activities of business entities in the SAR.

As of May 11, 2021, 42 international companies and 1 international fund are included in the register of participants in the special administrative region on the territory of Oktyabrsky Island (Kaliningrad Region).

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