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The industrial park "Khrabrovo" continues work on the development of engineering infrastructure


The Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation is the management company of the Khrabrovo industrial park, which is located in close proximity to the international airport, 20 km away. from the city of Kaliningrad. The territory of the park with an area of more than 345 hectares is provided with electricity in the amount of 39 MW, gas, water supply and sewerage systems, which were built, among other things, due to the acceleration program for small and medium-sized enterprises. The park specializes in food processing and manufacturing.

The development of the industrial park and the emergence of new residents sets the Development Corporation the task of implementing a project on intra-site (intra-park) water supply, sewerage, gas supply networks, etc. Today, the internal gas pipeline is being commissioned, as well as the construction of the first stage water supply distribution networks, which will provide water to the enterprises of the industrial park under construction.

The Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation has announced tender procedures for the construction of the third stage of the road to the residents' sites in the northern part of the park, with a length of about 300 meters. A tender has been opened for the construction of sewerage distribution networks in the northern and southeastern parts of the park.

To date, 22 residents are registered in the Khrabrovo industrial park, and 4 production complexes are under construction.

Conditions for the provision of landplots for rent:

•           Preferential rental rate from 160 thousand rubles per year per 1 ha excluding VAT in the first 3 years.

•           Base rental rate from 180 thousand rubles per year for 1 hectare from the 4th year after the implementation of the project.

The sale price of a land plot on the territory of an industrial park is from 2.9 million rubles per hectare, the right to purchase arises after three years from the moment of signing the Lease Agreement, but not earlier than the commissioning of the production (plant).

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