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The Kaliningrad region hosted the festival of the videogame industry "PlayPort Fest 2021"

On June 19, Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation became a co-organizer of the PlayPort Fest 2021 festival of the gaming industry.

Play Port Fest is the first international festival of games and gaming industry in Kaliningrad. Speakers from the strongest gaming companies in Russia, Europe and the USA. Lectures and workshops with the most useful and useful information in life, presentations of Kaliningrad and global studios, consultations of HR specialists, networking and a huge play area.

Deputy General Director of the Kaliningrad Regional Development Corporation Oleg Skvortsov presented a roadmap for the development of the gaming industry in the Kaliningrad region. After that, a presentation on the topic "Presentation for gaming companies and indie developers about programs, benefits and preferences in the Kaliningrad region" took place. Within the framework of the topic, the participants were told about the services of the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation, about the subprogram "Increasing the mobility of labor resources" of the state program of the Kaliningrad region "Social Support of the Population", about the preferences of the special economic zone of the region and the possibility of obtaining an electronic visa for foreign partners and specialists.

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