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Head of "BMW Group Russia" Stefan Teuchert: thanks to the investment policy of the regional government, Kaliningrad is a possible place for construction of a potential new plant


The new general director of "BMW Group Russia" Stefan Teuchert heads the company since March, 1st, 2018. In his first interview to TASS in a new post, Teuchert spoke about BMW innovations, the situation on the Russian market, the trends of the world car industry and also why Moscow's car sharing is the most progressive in the world.

-How do you intend to develop production in Russia? When will a full-cycle plant appear in Kaliningrad? Will BMW go to other Russian sites?

-Our production has been present in Russia since 1999, we are the first German manufacturer of premium cars, which came to Russia and opened an assembly plant here. And we believe that thanks to the great history of the company's presence in Kaliningrad and the attractive investment policy that we see from the regional government, Kaliningrad is a suitable place for the construction of a potential new plant. As you know, we are currently in the negotiation stage of a special contract with all involved parties on the possible future opening of the plant. We are in the active phase of negotiations; nevertheless they are not over at the moment. As soon as we receive some data, as there will be some news or we will come to some final agreement, we will gladly talk about it. Unfortunately, now there is a phase that lasts several months and will last for a long time, and we will not be able to say something new.

Source: TASS.

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