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First resident of the Khrabrovo industrial park got a construction permit


The company "Phoenix Ingredients" obtained on October 18th a construction permit for the "Khrabrovo" industrial park. The Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation accompanies the entire process from the moment of signing the lease, including pre-project surveys, development, obtaining of technical conditions and passing the project examination.

In July this year, the company was registered as a Special Economic Zone resident with a project of complex food additives production. The main activity of the company is a production of marinades and sets of spices for food manufacturing. This will be the first enterprise of this kind in the Kaliningrad region. In accordance with the investment declaration, the volume of investments in the implementation of the project will amount to 86.6 million rubles. After the production start-up, it is planned to create 85 new jobs.

General Director of Phoenix Ingredients LLC Igor Malevanov: “The final decision on the location of production in the Kaliningrad region was not easy to make. As you know, many regions of Russia are actively competing among themselves for investors. In addition to purely economic criteria, which are undoubtedly important, the decisive factor in favor of the Kaliningrad region was the confidence that the support measures declared and written on paper would be implemented in practice. For example, the Kaliningrad region, one of the few that has long and successful experience in the preferential tax regime, which is the most objective assessment of the work of the region’s governing bodies. And the first meetings with the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation, the Ministry of Economy and the representatives of the CCI convinced us that we, as an investor, would have a professional and friendly partner in the person of state bodies."

General Director of Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation JSC Andrey Tolmachev:

“During our work with the Phoenix company, we became convinced of the professionalism of our colleagues, who systematically moved towards the creation of production in the Kaliningrad region. We are glad that a new player with foreign investments has come to the region, with export plans for the sale of their products. The benefits of the SEZ of the Kaliningrad region, the conditions of the Khrabrovo industrial park were key factors why the company decided to place production in our region. A start has been made: we are waiting for new residents with bright investment projects!”

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